Affiliate Marketing With or Without a Website?


Can you do Affiliate marketing without a website?

Yes, most definitely it can be done without a website. However there are a few key things to keep in mind.

With all of the social media platforms available - facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, reddit and more - you have a large audience to target. How you target that audience is key.

It’s easy to get excited about promoting an opportunity - however NEVER EVER promote that link direct. You do not want your raw affiliate link being black listed, besides they typically are not that attractive to beging with. There are several link management websites available with Bitly being one of the most popular. You can create a free account and create multiple bitly links per social media platform if you so desire.

Besides social media, blogging and youtube are great ways to share affiliate links as well. Depending on how committed you are to earning money as an affiliate there are ways to build your list for retargeting with other opportunities.

The company you are an affiliate for will typically have banners, pictures, emails etc to use. However if your offer does not, you can create your own posts (which is great for instagram) by utilizing Canva which helps you create your own designs. You can use your links on the pages that you create and utilize that for advertisement. Canva has a free account option as well.

Once you start building a list that is where your future opportunities and additional commissions will play a part.

One thing I would highly recommend you use is ClickMagick

Click Magick is a link tracking service that helps with faster redirects for your offer. It allows you to mask your raw affiliate link (which alleviates using Bitly or other link management websites) as well as track the success of each of your links. If your offer has mulitple offers or clickable links, ClickMagick can track the clickable links and let you know where your potential customer drops off. Are they clicking on your initial action button - Or if they do but do not follow through for a sale. So why is that important? Finding out what area of your offer that resonates with customers is key. It will allow you to refocus on your weaknesses as well as determine which links (and marketing platforms) you use are performing well. ClickMagick has a 14 day trial period if you were interested in trying out. They also have a free tracking guide to help you get started.

If your intention is to create a living on affiliate marketing, I would also recommend ClickFunnels, an Auto-Responder (such as Get Response or Aweber) and even a domain name (namechep, godaddy, etc). Each of these marketing tools have affiliate opportunities as well (are you starting to get more ideas ;)) So you may have to pay a fee to use them, however the benefits can really add up. Every marketing tool has a trial period as well - some 14 days some 30 - so you can try them out and use them before you commit. Check it out here.

One last bonus item: When you are promoting your affiliate links try not to promote the product directly. The product could be the greatest product known to man kind, however approach your customer with their best interest in mind. How will your product benefit them? How will they be in a better situation if they use your product. Promote the result - not the product itself. (hopefully you received some value from this tip).

I hope you received some ideas and insight from my response. If you need additional information or more clarity, kindly let me know below by leaving a comment.


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